Our Services

our services steps railsQuality Landscapes Gold Coast Based are proud to offer a great range of professional services that will transform your yard into a beautiful garden. Whether it be a quaint area out the front, or a sprawlling expanse of rural paradise, Quality Landscapes will have you covered!

Here are the main services we provide:

Link Wall Blocks
Tasman, Windsor, Meadow stone, Heathstone, Keystone, Hadrian, Arena, Morton block and many more.

Timber Retaining Walls:
Treated pine sleepers of all sizes, Treated Coppers log walls of all sizes, Railway sleepers.

Rock Retaining Walls:
We install small rock retaining walls in tight access areas with our narrow machinery and man power.

11 Cropped DSC00447Garden Rejuvenating:
We carry out garden tidy ups, removal of excess or disease plants and the replanting and mulching of these areas.
We also carry out the removal of trees and shrubs of up to 5 m tall and remove all spoils.
Existing Turfed Areas
12 cropped 418We will cut and remove old turf, spread under turf sand and screed to levels to remove dips or humps, then install new turf of your chosen variety including drought tolerant Buffalo grasses, Blue and Green Couches, etc.
New Turfed Areas
We will level areas with machinery and remove any rubbish, add under turf sand and screed to levels required and then lay the new turf as outlined above.

Synthetic Turf
We will cut and remove old turf, pavers, stones etc.
We will install drainage as required then install a minimum of 50 mm thick compacted cracker dust, screed to correct levels for drainage. Install synthetic turf, peg into position and install joints as required taped and glued into place.
Add dry fine River sand swept into pile.

Irrigation systems:
We install complete manual or automatic irrigation systems to water all garden and turf areas via town water, spear pump or holding tanks. Automatic systems can also be fitted with a wireless rain gauge to automatically cancel irrigation programme when raining.

We install drip systems, Micro Systems, pop up sprinkler systems. We have our own turf cutter and trencher so we cut and stack turf, dig trench and install pipe, reinstall soils and then relay turf.

007 Ians before and after 026Water features - Ponds and Waterfalls:
We install ready made water features purchased from shops, we also construct water features as you may require. Specialty being recessed PVC water housing in ground, mesh installed to top, water feature pot or pots installed on block work through mesh, then top of mesh covered in pebble.

We install paving of all types and sizes including : limestone, sandstone, clay pavers, concrete pavers, exterior tiling, bullnose pavers or tiles to pool coping.

our services pavingOver existing concrete can be laid, glue in place. New areas compacted road base can be installed and then paver sand screed-ed to levels and then pavers laid. New concrete can be installed and then pavers glued in place.

Grouting of pavers can be carried out using fine sand, purchased fine sand with silicon added to lessen sand washing out and weed growth. Our preferred method of grouting is to lay pavers then grout with a wet mixture of sand and cement then washed and sponged clean. We recommend all paving areas to be sealed.

Paved Garden Edging. We dig trench, add a wet mixture of cracker dust and cement then tap paver into wet mixed leaving a 10 mm joint then grout with a mixture of sand and cement this method provides a permanent attractive garden edging of any type of paver.

Timber Decking and Hand Rail:
our services decking hand railWe install decking by first digging holes adding galvanized cyclone stirrups supports then add concrete. Install CCA treated framing timbers screwed or bolted to stirrups supports with galvanized materials.

Decking timbers can be installed of all types and sizes, they can be attached with stainless steel screw shank dome head nails, counter sunk stainless steel decking screws, or stainless steel or galvanized batten screws. Timber posts and hand rail can be installed around perimeter of decking with stainless steel wire and fittings between posts.

Composite decking
CCA timber framework installed as per timber decking and hand rail above.
Composite decking 150 mm wide by 33 mm thick to be attached to framing timbers with concealed fixings at 450 mm centres.

Low Voltage Garden Lighting:
We Install low voltage garden lighting of various styles to illuminate pathways, driveways, feature plants, gardens, water features, steps and stairs.

We will inspect the property advise what needs to be done to rectify your drainage problems. We will cut off existing turf and stock pile for future use, dig trench with our machinery. Install storm water pipe or socked aggy pipe and pits, drainage gravel, soil and then reinstall turf.

Glass pool fencing
Supply and installation of frameless glass pool fencing attached with stainless steel batten screws to existing decking or new decking, or to concrete, core holed and stainless steel spigots epoxied into place.

Small Concreting Jobs:
our services small-concreteWe carry out small concreting jobs especially to difficult areas where we can use our narrow machinery and man power .

Selling Your House:
We will inspect your property and advise what needs to be done to sell your property faster and at a higher price.

We can repair sunken pavers, broken pavers, broken pool coping, re-grouting pavers, spray and remove weeds to paver joints, reinstall concrete haunching edging to perimeter of pavers.

We have a high powered 4800 PSI pressure cleaner 13 hp which can clean deck and paved areas, walls etc.

Spray and remove weeds, prune back plants, add plants, re-mulch gardens, top dress and fertilize lawns or re- turf.
For further information on any of Quality Landscapes services, please contact Phil on 0413 941 922 or fill in the enquiry form.
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